Expo view 2016By Bus - Buninyong Route 21

There is a bus stop right out front of Royal Park on the corner of Hedrick and Warrenheip Sts (5 blocks south of the roundabout). Route 21 Ballarat Station - Buninyong via Federation University

The timetable is very limited for a Sunday but allows plenty of time to look around.

By bike or walking

There is a fabulous bike and walking path that follows Main Rd in from Mt Clear. Royal Park is 5 blocks south of the roundabout on Warrenheip St.

By car - don't forget to car pool!

Royal Park Buninyong, corner of Hedrick and Warrenheip Sts Buninyong.

Car pooling "match up" on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/1503290463118373/

There is lots of parking around the oval.

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