Living La Vida Locavore

Locavore is a made up word –“ loca” from local “vore” from words like omnivore, carnivore – to eat.

So Locavore means – eating foods produced locally.

Local has been defined as within 100 miles / 160 kilometres.

The 80/20 rule can apply – you are doing very well if 80% of your food is from local producers, and 20% from further afield. This still lets you have coffee and chocolate!


Carbon and food miles

At the BREAZE Community Forum on Climate Changes, Barney Foran’s report showed that 25% of the 19 tonnes of carbon per average Australian came from FOOD. (Full report available on the BREAZE web site).

The less miles your food has travelled, the less impact on the environment.

The LEAST travelling is from your own backyard or your Community Garden!


Buninyong Locavore Pot Luck Dinner:



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