2010 AGM - President's Report

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Friends of Royal Park, President’s Report, July, 29, 2010

Too much to do and not enough time to do it in! We all seem to keep saying it but this small team of dedicated people has achieved much to be proud of in the last year.

We managed to raise some much needed funds this year through the Central Victoria Solar City Solar Park launch, Buninyong Foodworks program and our membership. Next year hopefully the garlic production will be a winner, the solar panels if BREAZE’s application on our behalf is successful and our new venture into Greensmart Pots sales will help meet our ongoing utilities and maintenance costs. We have also been able to successfully fulfil our funding received in the previous year.

Great publicity and marketing continues through our website and Enews – thanks Jill - we all know we would be lost without you. We also had a presence at the Ballarat Show, the Ballarat Community Garden, Buninyong News, posters and open house days. We were involved in small way with a waste issue with the Buninyong Slow Food lunch which is a great sign that our role is beginning to be recognised to other groups in Buninyong. We need to build on this. For a short time during the year were the designated CFA Safer place in case of extreme fire conditions. However this role has since been taken away.

The Community Garden continues to grow. Thanks to Paul Ryle for his continued hard work in developing and promoting the garden with the help of many others. The tanks and water system are now established and the pump will be set up as soon as the painting is finished. The compost bins have been set up and the beds that are being used are looking good. Hopefully now interest will continue to increase as everyone sees the progress that’s been made. The mowing continues to be an issue but hopefully with the new mower and rules we can get through this once we have an ongoing income.

One of our most important resources is our new partnerships. The Buninyong Junior Soccer Club is a fantastic partner who brings new people and energy to the project. Thank you to Sue Mroczkowski and the others from the group who have already contributed so much including the funds for the renovations, new kitchen facilities and the ongoing mowing of the oval. They have also managed the work of the BEST Work for the Dole crew and the inside is looking alot better already. Other key partners include the Leigh Catchment Group, BREAZE and the Ecoliving Project, and the Ballarat Permaculture Guild.

We are not going to be able to do this alone and we must encourage and strengthen our new relationships and plan new projects which improve the facilities so that even more user groups will see Royal Park as an excellent venue which has something different to offer while continuing to promote sustainability. Thank you to DSE for their help as we come up against the many challenges as the Committee of Management.

With a new strategic document in place we are now well placed to launch into the next stage of our development.  We need to concentrate on the building redevelopment and getting ready to be a part of the exciting Ballarat Ecoliving Project .

And as for the team, I’d like to first to acknowledge Phillip Allen who held this position for the first half of the year and whose hard work over the past five years has put in place so many good things here at Royal Park. Jill Clarke took on the role of Secretary and has managed the role of communications very well which has tied well with her continued work on the website. Sue Nunn has done a great job as Treasurer and has mastered the GST and BAS statements (that’s if anyone ever really does master it!)

And of course thanks to Paul, Bob, Vicki, the mowing team, and the many others who helped at the working bees throughout the year.

Thank you everyone

Andrea Mason